Financial planning for startups
Find the investment needs of your startup based on data you already know. We'll help you with the initial assumptions on the process.
Financial Projections
Have a detailed projection of how your company's financials will perform on a monthly basis for the next five years.
Metrics and KPIs
Our solution is not limited to a P&L - apart from financial documents, you'll be able to access relevant operational Metrics & KPIs.
Investment Needs
Our software will translate your company's initial inputs and strategy into the structured investment needs that potential investors require.
Access an intuitive dashboard with an overview of your company's financial plan and share it with stakeholders.
Scenario Planning
Easily test several assumptions by creating more than one scenario to compare strategical options to support your business decisions.
Analytics & Tips
Apart from creating multiple scenarios yourself, you'll have access to benchmarking metrics and tips to make your projections more realistic.
Know more about our portfolio and case studies
See some of the success cases who have worked with Chiefmetric and closed financing rounds based on the platform's outputs.
"Chiefmetric has helped us create our business plan and structure the financial needs of our seed round, which we ended up closing a few months after starting to use this platform. We've closed a €800k round of investment."
César Martins
CEO, Chemitek's
"We've worked with Chiefmetric very early in our development as a company. Not only this partnership was critical to design and implement an effective business strategy but their insightful feedback and the passionate discussions they motivated are, even today, very powerful tools for us. It was and continues to be a pleasure to work with Chiefmetric's team."
Francisco Maia
Keyruptive's CEO
Discover how it works
Discover how it works
Fill in assumptions
Use data you already know as inputs and get our help to create assumptions that match your strategic decisions.

Complete info with our help
You'll have tips, guides and examples throughout the process of transforming your initial assumptions into financial projections.

Access your company’s P&L and dashboard
Create your company's Profit & Loss statement and access a dashboard with relevant data perspectives, including financing needs and acquisition metrics.

Export Financial Model or invite shareholders/ investors to see it
Share everything you create easily, either by exporting your outputs or by inviting stakeholders to visualize your company's projections.

Get notified for updates and understand progress VS projections
As your company evolves, you'll get notified to fill in your actual results and use those to adapt your projections to more realistic scenarios.

Pricing Special Limited Time Launch Offer
1 Year
11,90 / month
billed annually
Save 40%
Financial Model
Profit & Loss Statement
Dashboard with graphics
Analytics & Tips
Dedicated customer support
6 Months
15,90 / month
billed every 6 months
Save 20%
Financial Model
Profit & Loss Statement
Dashboard with graphics
Analytics & Tips
Dedicated customer support
1 Month
19,90 / month
billed every month
Pay as you go
Financial Model
Profit & Loss Statement
Dashboard with graphics
Analytics & Tips
Dedicated customer support
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