Frequently Asked Questions
1. What type of businesses is Chiefmetric good for?
Chiefmetric was created to accommodate any type of company, from digital-based services to industries based on the commercialisation of physical products. Whatever your company’s business model, we’ve got you covered!
2. Does Chiefmetric help me create my company’s inputs?
Our platform is not just a calculator of values that you might already have. Throughout the process, Chiefmetric will give you tips on how to dimension your company’s market size, use reasonable sales growth rates and a lot more. Get access to all this relevant information right when you need it.
3. Can I create more than one business scenario?
Yes! Chiefmetric allows you to create multiple scenarios, so you can test different assumptions and see the impact of some decisions in your company’s bottom line.
4. What exactly do I end up with when using Chiefmetric?
After filling in the variables for your company’s first scenario, you’ll unlock its Profit & Loss (P&L) statement (also known as the Income Statement) which is one of the reports that investors use to discuss possible financing decisions. You’ll be able to download this statement to share it with potential investors, stakeholders, or whoever you want, and you can change its data at anytime to accommodate for different perspectives - which will most certainly diverge at an initial stage. Apart from that, during the process you’ll generate different graphics according to segments of data already available. These graphics are always available in the Dashboard area.
5. Does Chiefmetric support different currencies and tax rates?
Yes. At the beginning of the process, you’re asked to choose a currency for your company. Creating different scenarios with distinct tax rates is also a possibility.
6. Can I change or cancel my plan after signing up?
Of course! Chiefmetric has no long-term contracts of any kind. You can also easily change between plans at any time directly in the platform.